Portarlington Pony Club Membership

Come and Try

The Portarlington Pony Club require all prospective members to do a Come & Try rally.   The Come & Try day will involve a riding assessment with the club DC or one of our instructors.   To arrange a Come & Try day, please contact the club.

New Members

If you are new to the world of pony club or an existing members looking for a new experience, joining a Pony Club is exciting. 

To become a member, you need to register thru the PCV Member Portal. https://osm-pony.omnisportsmanagement.com/Memberships/(S(ml5g3tywridzhmc5swyfpygu))/OSMMbr_NewMembership.aspx

Along with child membership, parents or guardians are also required to become members of Pony Club Victoria (PCAV) this is at no cost and considered as a club supporter.  Note:  Working with children’s checks need to be completed by all parents\guardians before membership can be approved.

Membership Renewal

Renewal of membership is done via PCV Member Portal.    http://ponyvic.omnisportsmanagement.com/en-us/ip/membership/renewmembership.aspx

Membership fees include membership of Pony Club Victoria and Pony Club Australia.  Portarlington Pony Club is a member club of Barwon Zone. 


Any enquiries relating to Come & Try or Membership, please do not hesitate to contact the club