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Traffic safety

For the safety of both horses and riders we ask that you keep speed to a maximum of 5-10 kph when entering the grounds.

Please remember that horses, riders & younger siblings can sometimes be unpredictable!!

Please use common sense when parking your float to allow sufficient space between your float and the float next to you.  Allow enough space for the safe tying up of horses.

Never tie a horse up to a float that is not physically connected to a vehicle.

Vehicles without floats should be parked separate to the float area. If these vehicles are loaded with equipment / gear then it is preferred that this be unloaded for the rider at the yards and then parked behind the gate

Members on horseback are required to keep the pace around the clubrooms to a walk. This is for the safety of yourself, pedestrians and vehicles moving around the clubroom / float parking areas.

Riders are especially asked to be mindful of others safety at all times around the club grounds, keeping a safe distance from pedestrians & other horses, in case a horse lashes out.

Riderless horse:  If a situation occurs where the horse and rider become separated then please do not attempt to stop the horse while it is mid flight. It is best to let the horse come to a halt and then try to catch it when it begins to settle.  


On rally days or events we ask that the gate at the entry to the reserve be closed after entering or leaving, in the event of a horse being loose.


In the interests of safety of horses & riders, the committee would prefer that dogs not be brought to rallies. Any dog attending a rally must be tied up, or on a leash at all times, under the effective control of their owners during the rallies. At no time are dogs allowed in the clubrooms.

First Aid

The club has a specified First Aid Room in the event of an incident. A qualified First Aid person will be in attendance at each rally and at any events coordinated by the club.
If a rider has fallen it is our advice to make the child wait for the attendance of the First Aid. It is not recommended to move a child.

Accident reporting forms must be completed for all falls and the DC should be advised of the situation immediately.


Grievance Procedure


From time to time parents may have a concern or issue that they wish to raise with the club.  The appropriate channels to raise the issue will vary depending on the concern. If the matter is in regard to instruction, grading, behaviour of members or instructors then contact should be made with the District Commissioner (DC) or Chief Instructor (CCI). This does not mean that a parent cannot make contact with another committee member, if they feel more comfortable, but they should realise that their concern, if in relation to instruction, will be raised with the Chief Instructor and the DC. If the concern is of another nature, the issue may be raised, if appropriate at the next committee meeting. The committee will endeavour to hear the grievance and the result of the decision made by the committee will be communicated to the complainant. Communication can be made in writing or verbally to any member of the committee.


Sunsmart, Smoking & Alcohol Policy



MDPC encourages all members to adhere to the ideals of the Sunsmart campaign.  Sunscreen (SPF 30+) is available at every rally and we encourage all members and parents to take advantage of the availability of sun protection.




Smoking is not permitted at any time in the clubrooms or rally grounds.




The consumption of Alcohol by officials and riders is prohibited for eight hours prior or during an activity or competition.  Under Age drinking is not permitted.  Full policy is available from PCV Website.

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