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Efficiency Tests / Certificates

There are eight standards of efficiency:

D   (lowest) minimum age 8 years
D Star   minimum age 10 years
C   minimum age 12 years (pre-requisite for the C certificate is the D certificate)
C Star    
A   (highest)
K   There are two specialist Tests K, for the active rider, minimum age 14 years (pre-requisite for the K certificate is the D and C certificates)
H   Horsemastership test


Discs worn at the back of the PCV badge indicate the certificate level attained:

D   Gold
D Star   Lime Green
C   Green
C Star   Pink
B   Red
A   Blue
K   Mauve, plus bronze silver or gold
H   Orange


Efficiency tests for D & D* will be organised by the Pony Club throughout the year. The other efficiency tests are the responsibility of the zone.

Mount Duneed Pony Club will arrange for notes on the test to be provided to the candidate and create opportunities for the members to practice for the riding and theory components.

There is a fee involved for the “C” Certificate efficiency test.

In the Barwon Zone tests for the “C” certificate are held in March and in August each year.

Riders at State level must have attained “C” Certificate levels.  

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