Child Safe Commitment Statement
Barwon Valley Pony Club is committed to the safety and
wellbeing of all children.
Barwon Valley Pony Club is committed to providing an environment where children
are safe and feel safe, where their voices are heard about decisions that affect their
lives. We listen to their views and respect what they have to say.
The Child Safe Standards have been mandated as a result of the 2012 Victorian
Government inquiry into the handling of child abuse allegations within religious and other
non-government organisations. The key recommendation of the report entitled Betrayal of
Trust was the creation of Child Safe Standards.
Barwon Valley Pony Club:
* Promotes itself as a child safe organisation
* Committee and members demonstrate a commitment to child safety through their actions
and behaviours
* Committee and members are interested in the welfare and engagement of children
participating in their sport.
* Parents, families and children feel welcomed at the club.
* Takes steps to raise awareness about child abuse and prevention.
* Takes a zero tolerance approach to discrimination and abuse of all forms.
* Recognises, respects and promotes cultural identity as being fundamental to a child's
safety and wellbeing.
* Will arrange to committee, club members and volunteers to undertake training about Child
Safety when available.
Barwon Valley Pony Club's Child Safe Policy is currently being drafted and once
finalised, will be freely available and accessible to club members, including parents
and children.
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