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Welcome to Ballan Pony Club! Welcome to Ballan Pony Club!

Welcome to Ballan Pony Club!

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Welcome to Ballan Pony Club’s New Website!
Suanne Waugh
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Welcome to Ballan Pony Club’s New Website!


Your Club can create content that will remain on your Club rotator for a long time, so articles about joining your club or something that you want people to be aware of all the time could be permanent articles otherwise event promotion, great stories to share or items of interest to members can all be placed here in the calendar and can be controlled by date fields for how long they stay on the rotator.  You can then manage your news items within the News Manager too.


CATEGORIES:  you have to select a category before this news item will be saved.  You can control the categories in DASHBOARD from the News Page.


Article Body

This page contains your story, it can also be: (See radio buttons above)

PAGE LINK - A link to a page within your website.  

FILE - A link to a file in your File Manager.

LINK - A link to an external page such as an ONLINE EVENT REGISTRATION page.

NONE - Goes to nothing.

Above are controls for putting in tables, making things bold, applying styles other types of text links and pictures.  Plenty to play around with!


You can ADD photos and make one of those photos your feature photo.


Allows you to add document links such as results or forms.


Allow you to link to other pages on the web, a government application form or information page to support your document.


You can ADD a NEWS STORY to your CALENDAR.  This is useful because you can as suggested above link it to your EVENT ENTRY PAGE.


Makes it show in the front page rotator.

Don't forget to SAVE your article!


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